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Aurora: A brilliant display of bands or folds of variously colored light in the sky Aura: A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere Aura is a response to the highly saturated culture of Japan and the speed of the Japanese Shinkansen system. Embracing the beauty of a complete immersion in color at a simultaneous velocities Aura, produces a wall scape that can respond the the experience of the occupant and the passer by. Designed as an installation into existing bullet train station, Aura addresses two simple typologies, the bench and the vending machine. The form flows from a continuous bench surface to a series of steel ruled surface slits. These steel fin’s axis allow visual permeation from seating surfaces across platform and outwards from within the station run perpendicular to the axis of an incoming train, creating a wall of color. The linear aggregation of the Aura bench when chromatically sequenced undulate ,allowing a blending of color. The result on a train bypassing the station is a flash of color, a moment of excited expression, before opening back to the local context. For the slowing train, the consistent meter of the fins, produces a moray through the space between parallel installations, creating a depth to the color field. Each Aura unit contains a single color across the finned surface. At the end of each, the surface curls back to produce a implicit volume which can house a vending machine. A common component of the Japanese high speed culture, which often floats without context. Aura acknowledges this component and gives it a place, much as for the occupant of the bench, it is a moment of rest, a chance to become a beautifully framed part of the passing texture.

Project Data

  • Program JR Station Installations
  • Location Japan
  • Date 2006
  • Status Concept


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