Project GT

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The typology of the lone tower within the New York skyline often contains a distinct history and intent behind its implementation. Three particular towers each of different era’s created with unique intent in varying political climates have all become emblematic components in the development of New York and the conception of new urban centers. The Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower in downtown Brooklyn. Project GT finds itself centered between the three towers, learning from and growing upon the legacies of the typology. The Williamsburgh Savings Tower Bank was conceived of as a magnet for high rise development in downtown Brooklyn, an aspiration which has taken 90 years to come to fruition. Yet, in its isolation it is an iconic emblem of a time and a history past and a point of distinction for the Brooklyn Skyline. The United Nations Secretariat Building while thought of as a part of the New York skyline is in actuality a tower floating in the U.N. campus with a skyline backdrop. The design intent of which not only strongly engaged global yet internal program, but through the integral relationship between building and site engage the context and environment. Though the final tower does not reflect the complete vision of Le Corbusier the spirit and intent of the core concepts are still typologically fundamental today. One Court Square currently epitomizes the challenge of introducing the tall tower typology into an underdeveloped area. While a viable office alternate to Manhattan with an vibrant urban art culture, PS1 and 5 Points, and with immediate access to a rail lines and public transportation, the tower suffers from regional commercial resources to support the tower population. While the tower does not possess the historical or cultural significance of the UN or Williamsburgh Bank, it defines the importance of engagement and contribution in the relationship with a neighborhood. Project GT is a proposal for a new tower/ urban commerce node on the waterfront of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York. Located at the edge of Brooklyn between the tallest tower in Brooklyn and Queens across from the UN building, Project GT draws from the history of challenges the single tower typology has faced and proposes not a new focal point for the region but a node that can interface between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens while providing new public and commercial amenities to the industrious and innovative northern tip of Greenpoint. Greenpoint has a unique distinction as a neighborhood of Brooklyn in that it still houses a diverse mix of industry commerce and residences. The site is near the GMDC building, a concentrated collective of artists, designers and fabricators, Project GT proposes a “designers market” providing a for entrepreneurial designers and artisans. The projects adjacency to a ferry port provided direct bridging PS1, a cultural icon of New York and other renowned galleries and work spaces in the immediate area with the highly trafficked Brooklyn Bridge Parks. Located on the edge of the East River directly across from the United Nation Building, the Project GT looks to define the east river waterway as a region of new development creating a gateway to both River and Newton Creek. The tower as a development looks to instigate new momentum towards the ongoing cleanup/ restoration of the highly industrially damaged Newton Creek which if restored and developed would be a completely unique experience in New York.

Project Data

  • Program Residential/ Retail
  • Location Brooklyn, New York
  • Date 2011
  • Status Concept


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