Vector Shell

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Fiber placement technology opens the opportunity to address structure and skin as a synthetic and synonymous system who’s aesthetics can be directly tied into a structural methodology. The architectural factors of light and translucency, stress and structure, material and effect, and function must by simultaneously addressed and reflexively informing in a cyclical relationship seeking a moment of optimum stability. Vector Space proposes a body as a shell which is a ghost of the forces which invisibly act within it and visibly are affected by it. What is explored is a relationship between fabrication and function in search of a new paradigm of of building which disintegrates and blends what historically were individually factored components of assembly. Through the use of scripting via the processing, java based formats, inputs of structural vectors, moray patterning, and aperture gradation can be individually controlled and intensified resulting in automatic adjustments of other parameters to maintain their programmatic functions. The result of which is a complete fabrication ready set of machining parameters which maintain the integrity of all specified criteria.

Project Data

  • Program S-Glass Structure
  • Location Miami, CA
  • Date 2007
  • Status Academic Project
  • Collaborator Michael Caton


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