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A library for the memory of knowledge, sited at the edge of an ocean adja cent to a graveyard evokes an ever growing critical question about the life and death and rebirth of objects and information. The architecture of this place will capture the essence of detach ment and isolation, the ephemeral quality of information in a time digital transition, and celebrate the life of a community provid ing a gathering space in the current time. The approach to the project was one of embodied sketch, studying the rapidity at which concept can pass to matter. Concrete channels define passages of isolation and contemplation, which release into a vast common space open to the infinite ocean. The space covered by a canvas upon which light casts the silhouette of the occupants, creating an fleeting imprint in time between the resting place of objects of knowledge and an ephemeral sea of information. If one passes below to the resting place the space will reveal the stacks containing books which can be read but not removed. If one moves above a ring houses glass shells which project fluid streams of information, from which moments can be captured and taken, but whose origins are in flux and object less. This balance between the book and the network only needs a shell to frame its presence. And a can vas upon which to project its existence. In this space there is a joint between our life, death, and means of immortality. It is a reminder of speed of memory, and is a Library to Mortality.

Project Data

  • Program Library
  • Location City Island, New York
  • Date 2003
  • Status Concept


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