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A body enters a defined space. Before it is a datum array of light and shadow. As the body moves through the field the juxtaposition of light and dark pass over the contours of the body heading cooling, illuminating and concealing. Light as a force, as entity, as unique from dark is defined. Before the eye a threshold is illuminated. Light as intrigue pulls the eye towards it. The stimulated mind moves through the threshold into a darkened chamber. Once corner of the space illuminates its surface. The mind drives the body to touch the wall, feel its warmth, light becomes material. The physical and ephemeral unite and the mind and body become being. Aware of self and freed, the being turns and views light projected from above. Stepping into the light, the being is immersed, and the physical and mental being to change. The being is drawn upwards into a nexus space, where all facets of light exist individually, yet merge. The student dwells in this space contemplating and exploring becoming a master. The master moves from the chamber and passes outside the body of the form, observing the mechanisms of education and carries the knowledge out beyond the machine itself.

Project Data

  • Program Educational Mechanism
  • Location Undefined
  • Date 2003
  • Status Concept


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