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(n) the standard mathematical nomenclature for an infinite variable.

Bloom, “to glow with warmth or with a warm color” / “to produce or yield blossoms”

The (n)-bloom system works around the concept of infinity. Applying the tangential continuity of the sin() curve as a base geometric structure, interplay between a tiled series of striated bands allows for a non uniform distribution of lighting effects off of a two unit normalized system. The translucent plastic material unfolds, blossoming about a central light source, dispersing light through the layers of material. Larger field applications result in tonal diversity through concentrations and dispersions across and applique surface. Designed for both single compact fluorescent or LED set sources of illumination, (n)-bloom serves as an ambient luminance scape which uses the median of light as a transformative source of material redefinition.

Project Data

  • Program Modular Light
  • Location Brooklyn, New York
  • Date 2008
  • Status Concept


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