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Organization: organic structure; composition

Organic: characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts

Organism: Any complex thing or system having properties and functions determined not only by the properties and relation of the individual parts, but of the whole that they compose and by the relations of the parts to the whole

ORGA: A system of interdependent building components each building upon the other to develop a larger functional body, but each being able to maintain its on individual intrigue. The formal contours of each respond to the functional properties of the component or interface to another part of the whole. Position and cellular deployment determine programmatic potential, as each rotational position of the base cell either activates or negates a potential input, making layout not only compositional but functional.

ORGAnizm: The chosen primary deployment of the ORGA system was a garden wall which could serve a as a source of illumination storage and planting, integrating function an aesthetic with a limited pallet of highly tailored cellular units. For ORGAnizm, the functions were a porous brick, a lamp, a planter, and a storage pod. The final deployment of these functions creates a wall which is both highly functional abstractly beautiful and programmatically growable.

Project Data

  • Program Modular Brick System
  • Location Brooklyn, New York
  • Date 2009
  • Status Concept


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