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vertaBlock, a conceptual study in luminaires, is inspired by the vertebrae as an objects, a shell which is identifiable in a form derived to meet its function as a stacked housing for communications hardware. Much like the vertebrate of the human back, the geometry allows for a nested stacking, creating a continuous protected volume, yet has formal derivations which allows for interface with secondary systems, in the body, the ribs, in the block, adjoining stacked columns. A secondary network which can transmit information, having to do with changes in color and illumination from one unit to the next through contact points to its inner core is housed within the shell. This information chain drives two LED systems, housed within each unit. One, nested at the tips of the block is a variable color diode which derives the tone/ effect of the block, the second, clustered in the core is a high intensity diode set which controls the intensity of the unit. The master unit, can communicate a macro order wirelessly across the field to describe a primary program of affects, but much like the minds in a society each responds to the macro environmental factor in its own unique time. Creating a society, not a system.

Project Data

  • Program Modular Light
  • Location Brooklyn, New York
  • Date 2008
  • Status Concept


REfresh28 XO_001 EntryElevation ama_033 aura_08 FLUX_035 GT_034 vectorspace_12 reciprocity_07


Vertabrick Aura