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Designed as an educational toy for my son, the n-Sphere toy is a little puzzle box with no wrong answers. The sphere can be assembled any combination of 6 tiles oriented in any rotation and will always yield a continuous topology of ridges and grooves along the outer surface. Currently the sphere is available for purchase on Shapeways in 3 sizes, Palm (Softball), Mini (Racquetball), Micro (Ping Pong Ball), and is available for download on Thingiverse in the Palm size, with a flat inner surface designed to print on the Replicator 2 with no support material.
The toy is a development from the tiling system used the the Glyph series.
Next generations will look at different formal expressions of the same topology.

Project Data

  • Program Educational Toy
  • Location Brooklyn, New York
  • Date 2013
  • Status Available


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